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Peter Watz

The Swede you Need

Senior Business Advisor, Consultant, Speaker and Grill Master


I'm involved in various projects, mainly focusing on entrepreneurship. My passion for developing and growing businesses has led my colleagues to call me a 'serial entrepreneur'. This work isn't just a job for me; it's a way of life, deeply rooted in my family's values and traditions. My dedication to innovation and striving for excellence distinguishes me in the business community, leaving a strong impression on partners and collaborators around the world.

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Peter Watz Services

Transform AI Uncertainty into Digital Success with Peter Watz:

Leading Your Business into the Future

"The guy who asks you the tough and burning loving questions that move you forward towards your goals"

- Lilian Holm, Account on Us AB

I have had the distinct privilege of co-founding several innovative companies and services, each marking a significant contribution in their respective fields. My entrepreneurial journey is characterized by a keen eye for opportunity and a dedication to turning visionary ideas into successful realities. These ventures not only reflect my passion for business but also my commitment to making a meaningful impact in the industry. As a co-founder, my role has been instrumental in shaping the strategic direction and fostering growth, positioning these entities as leaders and pioneers

Peter Watz AB

In this corporation, we conduct a diversified and forward-looking business in several key areas, including:

  • Senior Business Advisor: My focus is helping  my clients driving and enhancing existing business structures, as well as implementing innovative strategies for growth and efficiency.

  • Development of New Business Ideas and Platforms: We are committed to exploring and developing groundbreaking ideas and platforms that can revolutionize the market.including AI-based solutions and services.

  • Maintenance of Old Commitments in the FileMaker Program: Already in 1989, we built solutions based on FileMaker. To this day, we have customers who have been using our solutions for 10-20 years.

I aim to maintain the highest standards of innovation, efficiency, and responsibility in all our business ventures. Our vision is to continuously push the boundaries of the industry through leadership, expertise, and a deep understanding of market dynamics.

"Peter has many years of deep knowledge of sales, marketing and CRM systems. Combine that with his sales drive and you have an excellent partner for talking CRM or Market Automation." - Mats Erwald, Former Regional Director Bisnode, now Author at Erwald Group AB

Professional Speaker

I am a seasoned speaker proficient in delivering presentations both on stage and virtually, fluent in both Swedish and English. My lectures encompass a range of topics essential for personal and professional growth, including:

  • Personal Development: I offer insights on goal setting for self-improvement.
  • Marketing: I share tactics to attract more customers without necessarily adopting a traditional salesperson role.
  • Business Development: I encourage thinking big, which is crucial for expanding and evolving businesses.
  • Leadership and Mental Health: I motivate leaders and employees to focus on mental health, contributing to a more sustainable and productive organization.

My experience in virtual lecturing dates back to 2010, and over the past two decades, I have regularly conducted online workshops, showcasing my adaptability to evolving times and technologies.

Ongoing engagements

Member of the board / Communications Manager

The Swedish Federation of Business Owners, is the largest business organisation in Sweden representing the interests of around 60 000 business owners.

In my role as a member of the board and Communications Manager I work for better conditions for companies located in Lidingö

We are part of a nationwide network of entrepreneurs engaged in strengthening the entrepreneurial climate.

Our mission is to promote entrepreneurship, improve the conditions for business owners, and to influence policy makers to simplify regulation and red tape to make it easier to start and run a business and to create growth.

Latest Past Engagements

The Selection Committee, Företagarna - Lidingö

The Swedish Federation of Business Owners, is the largest business organisation in Sweden representing the interests of around 60 000 business owners.
In my role as a member of the nominating committee, I play a pivotal part in shaping the leadership of our organization. My responsibility involves identifying and recommending board members who are capable of propelling our organization forward. I approach this duty with the utmost seriousness and commitment, focusing on continuous development and enhancing our association's local involvement. My strategic insight and judgment in this role are crucial for securing a dynamic and forward-looking leadership, essential for establishing an impressive and respected presence both locally and on the nationally stage. Serving on the nominating committee is not just a position; it's a contribution to a larger vision of organizational excellence and community engagement, qualities universally valued by those who appreciate effective leadership and societal influence.

Member of the board / Communications Manager at World Barbecue Association Sweden

WBQA Sweden is the Swedish part of the World BBQ Association (WBQA). Every year, WBQA Sweden conducts the Swedish Grill and BBQ Championship and appoints the Swedish Grillandslaget that may represent Sweden at international competitions such as the European Championship and the World Grill and BBQ Championship. WBQA stands for Fire, Food, Friendship and Fun!
As the Head of Communications, I have successfully established vital relationships with television channels, radio stations, and national newspapers. My efforts have substantially amplified the visibility of the WBQA and the Swedish Championship in Grill and BBQ, reaching an audience of millions. I have meticulously developed comprehensive communication plans and policies, along with curating an extensive image library, all of which have significantly enhanced our brand presence. My role necessitates a close collaboration with all stakeholders, ensuring a cohesive and impactful communication strategy. This has not only elevated our events' profile but also positioned them as marquee happenings in the culinary world. My strategic and innovative approach in communication has been instrumental in achieving widespread recognition.

Business Mentor at Connect Sweden

Connect match startups and scaleups with the right tools, competence and capital to grow. We have helped over 4.500 companies reach their dreams.

"In my role within the EU project MatLust, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with several food enterprises, where I have played a pivotal role in enhancing their marketing strategies and business development. My expertise in identifying market opportunities and implementing innovative growth tactics has been instrumental in driving these companies forward. This experience has not only deepened my understanding of the food industry but has also allowed me to contribute significantly to the success and expansion of these businesses. My involvement in this project showcases my ability to deliver impactful results and strategic insights, which are sure to leave a lasting impression

Member of

Sveriges Kommunikatörer logo

Swedish Communicators

(Sveriges Kommunikatörer)

My passion for communication, particularly in the business arena, is a defining aspect of my professional persona. Possessing a prestigious DIHM degree in Business Communication from IHM, my involvement with Sveriges Kommunikatörer (SvKom) highlights my dedication to excellence in this domain. I am a fervent proponent of free speech, press freedom, and the freedom of expression, deeply committed to the dissemination of accurate and reliable information. My resolve empowers individuals across societal strata to confidently assert and disseminate their beliefs. My proficiency extends beyond mere effective communication; it encompasses nurturing an environment conducive to open discourse and ethical standards, striking a chord with international business leaders who prioritize integrity and transparency in communication.

Lidingö Photo club

My deep-seated passion for photography is a fundamental part of my personal and professional life. My engagement with Lidingö Fotoklubb (LFK) - one of Sweden's most esteemed and reputable photography associations - affords me the opportunity to both gain inspiration and impart my knowledge. My role in LFK enables me to connect with a community of peers, contributing to and benefiting from a leading platform for photographers in the country. This involvement goes beyond a mere pastime; it is an integral component of my professional and personal development, providing a distinctive viewpoint that enriches my business and client interactions. My commitment to an organization of such high caliber showcases my dedication to lifelong learning and excellence, qualities greatly admired by professionals and aficionados alike.

Svensk PR – The Swedish PR Association

Svensk PR is a PR and communication association representing agencies, individuals and students across Sweden. Founded in 2005, with mission to strengthen the industry’s competitiveness and drive knowledge-sharing and quality initiatives.

"Peter is an amazing entrepreneur and businessman. He is also extremely supportive and helpful in helping other people succeed as well. A true networker at heart, he has a vast network of people, and he is very eager to facilitate connections and business opportunities. When I was looking for a distributor in Sweden for my BBQ rubs, Peter immediately stepped up and without asking for anything in return, helped me find potential partners. He has also very actively helped market my products through his network. This generosity has opened up big opportunities for my company and we wouldn't be where we are without his help. He does this with a very big heart, with no expectations of getting something in return, and with a genuine love for helping people. He is honest, trustworthy and I am happy to be able to call him a friend!!"

- Johan Magnusson, Founder and CEO Magnusson Training & Consulting LLC and Big Swede BBQ

My Professional Hobby - Photography

My professional hobby, photography, has been a passion of mine for many years. I could be described as a periodic photographer, with a wide range of interests including architecture, portraits, nature, and food photography. Many of my photos are also used professionally in our companies and by our clients, attesting to the quality and versatility of my work. My regular trips to the USA allow me to capture the unique architecture and nature that the country has to offer. As a member of Lidingö Fotoklubb, I continue to refine my skills and share my experiences.

Follow me on Instagram to see more of my photography. Click on the image below for a broader glimpse into my world of photography!

"Peter is competent, committed, well-read, pleasant and generous. He is resourceful and intuitively able to see other people's business problems and help solve them."

- Licensed Chiropractor Ingrid Wik, Proffsbehandling

My beautiful family

My daughter Kate Watz, My wife - Sarah Watz - co-owner of our three companies together with me. And My son Philip Watz.

Motorcycle, a childhood dream

My greatest passion is motorcycle riding, a childhood dream that came true in 2018 when I got my motorcycle license. My first major biking journey took place in the expansive landscapes of Arizona, USA. Following this adventure, I acquired a brand-new BMW R1200GS, one of the world's best adventure motorcycles. My enthusiasm for motorcycling extends beyond the roads; I am a proud member of Europe's largest motorcycle club, BMW Klubben, where I am actively involved in member activities. If you share my passion for motorcycle riding, feel free to reach out. I'm always looking forward to planning a ride, preferably in some exotic location

Peter Watz on a motorcycle BMW R1200GS, 2018 yearsmodel

Contact me

Establishing new connections with positive and inspiring individuals from Sweden, the EU, and internationally, including America, is something I always look forward to. Whether you prefer a personal conversation over the phone or a more formal interaction via email, I am open to both methods of communication. Being accessible and responsive to new opportunities and collaborations is part of my philosophy, and I always welcome the chance to expand my professional network


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Peter Watz 
Blåbärsvägen 22
18164 Lidingö, Stockholm


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Peter since many years and our ways have crossed many times through different companies. I know Peter as an entrepreneur, skilled business and customer-oriented person. In the early days, he created his own CRM software aimed for the SMB Market as he sold successfully and also with consultant services where needed. One of our touchpoints were at Uniweb, a company selling CRM- and IVR solutions and later at SuperOffice CRM where we often met and exchanged business ideas for the future within the CRM and Marketing area.

Later in life, Peter has evolved the concept of CRM to Marketing and Business Automation and he has evolved his businesses to become even more expressive as speaker at events and creating his own process around marketing and how to make businesses effective. I would surely employ Peter at any time and trust him with improving my business needs."

- Tommy Pemer, Group Data Protection Officer at Bisnode